As with any business, construction company owners could come under fire if individuals or entities believe that the completed work is not up to scratch. In some cases, claims against a construction company could come years after the project is completed if others believe that defects caused the structure to suffer. As a result, construction litigation could take place.

New York readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed due to alleged construction defects with a residential hall at a college in another state. According to reports, the College of Charleston has filed suit against Holder Construction Group, McAlister Development Company and subcontractors for what it claims are defects and code violations that have resulted in damage to the residence hall. The lawsuit specifically claims that the defendants did not install elements to help prevent leaks in the building.

One of the issues with the building is apparently multiple instances of water intrusion. The college claims that it will have to spend considerable amounts of money to repair the damages that have resulted and that an investigation will have to occur in order to fully assess the issues. The defendants named in the case did not provide a comment for the report.

Most construction companies will face legal claims against them at some point. Even when companies work hard, not everyone will be pleased with the completed project. If New York companies are facing construction litigation, they may want to make sure that they understand their options for defending their businesses. It can certainly be a trying ordeal, but managing these claims is vital.

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