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Skilled Municipal Law & Public Authority Defense

The attorneys of Colucci & Gallaher P.C., regularly handle municipal liability and government liability issues for clients in Buffalo and western New York.

The representation of municipal and other public entities often requires experience in particular legal areas — contract law, public housing, civil rights and road construction, to name just a few. Our lawyers have experience defending claims against public entities for Medicare fraud, and billing and coding activity under the False Claims Act.

The firm has represented public entities in litigated and nonlitigated matters, from pre-lawsuit discovery proceedings through appeals. The firm has acted as outside litigation counsel for a variety of counties, towns, villages, housing authorities, and public authorities, as well as the state of New York.

We are well-versed advisers and advocates in the particular pre-suit notice provisions, immunities, damages limits, and privileges afforded to municipal and other government entities, and know how to invoke them at the proper time to protect our clients’ interests.

The cumulative effect of the knowledge and experience gathered through years of municipal litigation is the most comprehensive representation available: the highest quality legal services delivered on time and at a reasonable cost.

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An initial consultation with one of our municipal law attorneys can be arranged by phone at 716-853-4080 or online by filling out a brief contact form.