New structures are often built next to existing ones. And it is not uncommon for owners of existing structures to worry about damage caused by the new construction. In some cases, construction litigation will be initiated if new projects appear to cause damage.

New York readers should note a lawsuit filed recently in another state. According to reports, the association for a condo tower built in 1983 had concerns over a new condo tower being constructed next door. To mitigate these concerns and the effect the new construction would have on the already existing building, the condo association entered into an agreement with the new condo developer and association.

The condo association for the older building recently filed suit. It believes the developer and new condo association violated the agreement as the older building sustained damage, cracking, debris strikes, and other issues during the construction of the new building. A representative for the new condo tower stated that the company had paid the older condo association to offset costs caused by the construction, but the association decided to sue after receiving those payments and released them from the agreement.

Construction projects often lead to disputes with complicated factual and legal issues. When faced with construction litigation, New York business owners should take the time to understand the best ways to address these issues. Working with experienced construction litigation attorneys is usually a wise choice.

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