Running a business in New York or otherwise producing unique works can be rewarding but also come with its challenges. When a work is created, the producers of that work certainly do not want others using it without their permission. As a result, they may find themselves needing to copyright their intellectual property in efforts to better protect it from unauthorized use.

When it comes to copyrights, this protection allows for the legal and exclusive ability to copy or give someone else permission to copy a specific work. The permission to use or copy a work can only come from the owner of the copyright. Once a work is created, the creator automatically has a copyright to the work.

Though a copyright automatically comes about, it is still wise to register it for additional protection. When registered, the creator is legally established as the copyright owner, and if someone violates that copyright, the owner may have reason to take legal action to address that violation. Legal action may only be taken against those who infringed upon a copyrighted work if it is registered. While registering is not strictly necessary, it may be wise to take this step early before the need to prove legal ownership arises.

It can be a difficult decision whether to register a copyright, and it can be difficult to fully understand what that means. Still, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and numerous others could benefit from protecting their intellectual property. Interested individuals may wish to discuss this topic further with knowledgeable New York attorneys who could provide useful insight into benefits and options for registering a copyright.

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