Many people take public transportation for a variety of reasons. They may not enjoy driving themselves places or may not have the ability or means to do so. Though buses are much bigger than other types of vehicles, passengers could still end up suffering injuries in the event that a bus is involved in a car accident.

It was recently reported that a crash in New York resulted in nine people being injured. Apparently, a car was heading south when the driver failed to stop at a red light. The vehicle was speeding and collided with the passenger side of the bus, which caused the bus to leave the roadway and hit a vehicle in a parking lot. There was no one in that vehicle at the time of the incident.

The extent of the injuries suffered by the individuals involved was not detailed in the report. It was noted that the bus driver was among the nine people taken to an area hospital for treatment. Updates on those individuals’ conditions as well as other information regarding the accident itself may become available once investigations have concluded.

If any of the parties injured in the car accident suffered serious harm, they may have cause to file personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault for the incident. Successful claims could allow individuals to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other allowable damages. People interested in potentially taking such action after a serious crash may wish to gain more information on how to do so in New York.

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