Commercial real estate is one way that people can choose to build wealth. It is generally considered a passive income source, meaning that investors don’t have to put in constant work in order to make money off a property that they’ve already invested in. Potential investors are also drawn to commercial real estate thanks to the potential for growth and the production of consistent returns.

Commercial real estate offers far more options than residential real estate. Within commercial real estate, investors can choose between offices, retail, industrial, multi-family and special purpose properties. Within those larger fields, investors can also opt for medical facilities, hospitality properties, self-storage and more. The variety of commercial real estate options is only rivaled by the variance of profitability and yield that they produce. That variety is also attractive to investors.

Anyone who is interested in commercial real estate investment should know that real estate is cyclical. All real estate investments are impacted by a variety of outside factors.

Knowing how to recognize upcoming trends and getting in front of them is vital for success as a real estate investor. Being adaptable to the cycles as they come can set a successful real estate investor apart from those who have tried and failed.

All investments are risky, and commercial real estate is certainly no different. Having enough liquid assets on hand to ensure that a bad investment won’t lead to bankruptcy is highly advised. While some investments may produce huge dividends, there’s a chance that others may result in a loss.

Real estate involves a great deal of contracts and legalities that can be overwhelming to the average person. Working with a real estate attorney may help ensure that contracts are enforceable and investors are able to maximize their returns. An attorney may review the numbers associated with a certain property, thoroughly examine contracts and provide other information to ensure that their client gets the most out of their commercial real estate investment.

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